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January 2018 Community Report

Towards a best-in-class downtown...

A best-in-class downtown for London begins and ends with vision, with strategy, and with strong relationships. 2017 was a year of progress where we made important strides and identified new ways to work together and face our collective challenges. We made a clear plan for recruiting businesses and investors to support the next evolution in downtown’s growth.

We had ongoing important and constructive conversations with our members about important issues we all face. We were innovative and intentional in our approach to sharing the downtown experience with our community. And, we were honoured with awards for our collective work.

As we look forward to 2018, and our shared opportunity to continue to boost our already vibrant and enviable destination, we invite you to engage in this year in review, including, most importantly, a selection of perspectives and insights from our Downtown London members.

Signature of Gerald Gallacher, Chair, Board of Directors, Downtown London

Gerald Gallacher

Chair, Board of Directors

Signature of Janette MacDonald, CEO and General Manager, Downtown London

Janette MacDonald

CEO and General Manager

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Progress to build on.

Potential to be.

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New downtown businesses

Creating vibrant third places

A downtown cannot be vibrant and competitive without engaging and unique “Third Places” - the spaces and destinations where we spend our time and connect with our community when we’re not at home or work. From a new business recruitment strategy to award winning investments, 2017 saw bold steps toward the next evolution of downtown destinations, including an impressive array of new business openings that Londoners are buzzing about.

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One-on-one member interactions

Ensuring members have a voice

When downtown thrives, the entire community prospers economically and culturally. We are committed to being a passionate, collective voice for change and investments that will make our downtown even more attractive and competitive. And this past year, we did so unapologetically, on a range of issues from transit, to social issues, to major capital investments like Dundas Place, because our ultimate priority is to listen to and amplify the voice of our members.

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Marketing & Engagement


Downtown dollars distributed in 2017

Positively impact public perception

From clean and beautiful streetscapes to content that tells the exciting downtown story, we’re always focused on ways to get more Londoners downtown, more often, for longer. That means strategies that boost feet on the street, people in seats, and money in tills. In 2017, that included a range of engaging events, the reintroduction of our downtown champions, the SuperGuides, social media campaigns to spread the word, and big investments in Downtown Dollars to spur local spending.

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Business exteriors in the process of improvement

Downtown London as a Leader

Putting our downtown in a local and regional leadership position means shoring up our strength in partnerships, perception, and most important, people. This past year, we focused on the development of strong foundations in a diversity of ways, including professional development and training for our member businesses and extensive improvements to downtown properties.

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Progress to build on.

Potential to be.

Downtown London 2017 Annual Report pages
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